The cocoon of change

After graduating in 2001 in the area of ​​Engineering, I worked for technologically demanding and stressful industries. Through several challenging activities that I performed in the aeronautical industry, as a strategic buyer for high technological projects. As a project manager in the automotive industry and as a process manager in the textile industry, I was able to accumulate a lot of experiences with very diverse people, cultures and circumstances. I am also a certified in a healing modality called ThetaHealing as Practitioner and Instructor. These experiences and qualifications made me to a well trained problem solver with methodical approach as well as an experienced intuitive healer. I am the creator of a concept dedicated to women entrepreneurs who know so well as I do, how challenging it is to be active in a world of constant stress and rapid results oriented and are looking for a solution to bring them back to balance and health.

My offer at your service is called the „Emotional Freedom Program, which was developed and optimized to meet the needs of people who, suffer from Stress and/ or Anxiety and are looking for a quick, kind and effective solution to heal. This program includes one-on-one sessions with me dedicated to specific triggers that will be gradually identified, minimized, released and healed in a safe, trustable environment of dedicated online appointments with me that can be attended from the comfort of your own home. Curious about my offer?

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