About me


From Engineering to Intuitive Healing

Welcome, dear friend!

My name is Marlene Pinto, I was born in Portugal in 1977 and this is a brief story about me.

As a child, when someone would ask me what I wanted to be in the future I would answer with no sign of doubt, a hairdresser. At that time I had my own little puppet hair salon and was a pro in cutting their hair and designing and sewing clothes for my dolls. 

This changed as years went by and as I understood a bit more about what it means to be an adult and started to focus on my dream of becoming a marine biologist. Since I can remember I was interested in nature in general, specially plants and their medicinal applications. It was easy for me to identity the language of nature and I felt comfortable in holistic approaches to health and life in general.

Life brought me to decide to go for a profession that would combine both creativity and science.   

I started a new adventure as an 18 year old girl in the University of Minho in the year 1995, Textiles Engineering was my choice.  

Professionally active since graduating in 2001, I worked for technologically and high quality demanding and stressful industries. Diversifying the areas of application and expanding knowledge was my inspiration therefore I worked for the aeronautical industry, as a strategic buyer for high technological projects, as a project manager in the automotive industry and as a process manager in the textile industry, being able to accumulate a lot of experiences with very diverse people, cultures and circumstances.

I was learning a lot in terms of intellect, but I was feeling drained and not really happy.

One day I felt the calling to change my life 180 degrees, I was sick, sad and was slowly but surely losing my will to live and something needed to be urgently changed.

At that time I asked myself, what can I do naturally even if I never had a degree on it and it comes to me effortless, second nature. While pondering on that matter the answer came to me in a surprising way. By looking back, my life experience up until that day I noticed how people would sometimes change their attitude towards life or a certain matter after having a conversation with me. It was clear I had the natural gift to heal with my presence and words and I wanted to find a technique that would support that what I was already doing naturally, without knowing intellectually how.

So, I quit my job as an engineer and started to qualify in the healing modality that resonated more with me, which was: ThetaHealing.

Meanwhile I run my healing business Full-time and regret not one single moment having taken the decision to change my life. Being fluent in 5 language

My offer at your service which was developed and optimized to meet the needs of people who, are looking for a quick, kind and effective solution to heal all sorts of blockages in their lives, reaching Emotional Freedom. This offer is something  for you if you speak portuguese, english or german.

This includes one-on-one sessions with me dedicated to specific triggers that will be gradually identified, minimized, released and healed in a safe, trustable environment of dedicated online appointments with me that can be attended from the comfort of your own home.

Book with me a free a discovery session here.

As a person, I am extroverted and cosmopolitan and I love all expressions of Art. Curious since forever about human nature, Inspired by my own life story
I am very grateful to be in service to people from all over the world who resonate with my energy.

In Love